Methods for Saving Time When Doing Concrete Power Washing and Flat Work

There are many great service businesses that you can start, and several that you can run without any employees. If you like working outdoors and with your hands, but you are not necessarily a handyman, or have experience in the construction trades, may I suggest starting a concrete power wash business. Now then, if you run this business and operation efficiently you can actually do quite well for yourself. But you must remember the money is in the time not in the job. Let me explain.

Let’s say you are cleaning all the concrete and sidewalks at a large strip center shopping mall. If you bid the cleaning of all of this concrete at $350 every other week, then that’s pretty good, but if you don’t operate your hot water pressure washer efficiently you will find that job taking you far too long, and therefore you won’t be making very much money per hour. Plus, you’ll have to work in the middle of the night, or after hours when no one is using the shopping center.

Here is what I recommend that you do. First, find the water source and make sure you have a key to open up the box where the water spigot is located. Leave the door open, and if you have a water tank start in an area that will have you run out of the water about the time that you reach it. Then put the garden hose into the tank to fill it up while you continue working forward. Once the water tank is filled up continue working forward until you get to the next water spigot.

If there are lots of “stuck on gum” on the sidewalk, then use a 15-degree tip and get the gum off first because this won’t take up very much water. Then start your washing process. I also recommend that you purchase a hydro-twister which looks like a lawnmower because you can clean a more even swath, without putting zebra stripes in the concrete as you wave the wand back and forth. Yes, you can do it that way, only using a wand, but eventually, your back will hurt, and you will see even marks.

You won’t be happy with the results, and although perhaps the property manager won’t complain, you will notice the difference. Plus it will take you three times as long. Therefore it’s worth investing $400 or $500 for a really decent hydro-twister. And you should operate the hydro-twister at maximum velocity, and cleaning units – in other words, maximum pressure and water volume. This will speed you up and save you time when doing concrete power washing and flatwork. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.