Pressure Washing – Why Does Your Commercial Property Need It?

Pressure Washing – Why Does Your Commercial Property Need It?

Many commercial property owners still don’t understand the importance of a well-maintained exterior when it comes to attracting more customers. It doesn’t matter if you own a strip mall, an apartment community, or a business building because people almost always shun away from a dirty and messy parking area and building.

Pressure washing your commercial property can eliminate grime and dirt from buildings, parking lots, awnings, and sidewalks. Improved customer safety and clean appearance are some of the top reasons why you should pressure wash your commercial property sooner than later.


You probably assume that rain is enough to avoid pressure washing. Sadly, rain doesn’t wash your buildings. In fact, rain will leave streaks of grime and dirt on all kinds of surfaces. Pressure washers have special settings for stone, wood, brick, stucco, and other surfaces. This can clean off all the caked and streaked dirt and other layers like chewing gum.

Pressure washing can also remove mold and algae growing on your building exterior after heavy rains. With the right equipment, you can be sure that pressure washing wouldn’t affect varnish and paint. The washing may even help bring out the surface’s original colors.

Stone, brick, and wood fences can also benefit from pressure washing through getting rid of stains and streaks together with algae and mold.

Most buildings feature awnings where dirt can accumulate together with bird debris and rainwater. Careful and professional soft pressure washing can remove stains from these hard surface awnings.

Parking Lots, Driveways, and Patios

Many restaurants give their customers a chance to dine outside under a shaded area. The deck or pavement should be kept as clean and tidy as the floor inside the restaurant. Proper pressure washing can maintain the cleanliness of patio areas and remove spill stains.

Making sure that your parking lot is clean at all times is extremely important to ensure safety. There is always the risk of people falling and slipping on oily surfaces or tripping and sticking in pavement areas with spilled food and drinks. Food and sweet drinks left discarded on the floor can attract rodents and insects. Buildings that offer take-out food and drive-through restaurants should make sure that their parking area is thoroughly cleaned with the help of a professional pressure washing service.

Pressure washing your commercial property can include building entrances, paved driveways, and public sidewalks together with parking lots surrounding the buildings. The driveways to commercial buildings such as apartment communities usually have oil, debris, and dirt from tires. Pavement of parking garages with multi-levels also requires removal of oil and dirt for the safety of the drivers and pedestrians alike.

Steps and walkways that lead into buildings must be kept clean as well for both appearances and safety purposes. It is usually necessary following a rainstorm that could have left behind debris and mud puddles.

Expert pressure washing services can help commercial property owners ensure that everything will be spic and span to attract more customers and earn their trust and confidence.